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Lexion Consulting - Product Streams & Services

"An excellent project, I wasn't aware of the scope of the potential in both monetary terms and management improvements." 

MD of City-based financial services company

Product Streams & Services

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In a recent Fortune editorial discussing the results of interviews with 30 ex-CEO's from leading US corporations, 70% blamed their failure to implement strategy, rather than their ability to envision and set strategy, as the major cause of their demise.

The message..."Defining strategy is the beginning not the end of a difficult journey".

The bedrock of our offer to our clients is our ability to gain competitive advantage and generate performance improvement, faster, deeper and safer. This could involve turnaround, revenue/market share increase, service enhancement, cost reduction or technology transformation. All Lexion projects are conducted on a partnering basis. Knowledge and skills transfers are central to our philosophy and approach. Apart from making our programmes more cost effective, this approach ensures ownership, continuity and robust, lasting change.

Our "toolbox" consists of a methodology unique to us, with many well-known tools such as Lean and Six Sigma adapted and customised for our clients' successes. While many issues and challenges have a common base, we apply our experience by starting with a "blank sheet of paper" and design programmes for each client's unique circumstances and culture.