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Lexion Consulting - Questions & Answers

"It took the expertise of the Lexion team to deliver what we had only dreamed of.  We were presented with indisputable data, detailed planning and key performance measures to ensure the success of the implementation programme ... We have engaged Lexion for a further period, to improve our back office functions." 

CEO of international gas detection equipment manufacturing company

Questions & Answers

Lexion Q & A


Why get Lexion involved when I expect my managers to do what you say you can do?

Answer: If you have the resources, skills, capacity and detachment we agree. We have no desire to get involved if we have no value to add. The organisations we partner with are one or a combination of the following:

  • They are lean and are always open to using expertise from outside agencies that are self-financing
  • They are looking for an external "world class" perspective on potentials
  • They have tried to implement these changes in the past and either failed or had limited success
  • They must survive and need to recover market position or wilting shareholder confidence
  • They are "fat cats" who have become complacent and need a reality check
  • They are leaders who are continually striving for improvement and growth in both their business and their people

Managing change successfully is a risky business.  In a recent US Fortune 500 Survey, by far the most significant reason given for the demise of a sample of 50 failed CEO's was "failure to successfully implement and finish" and in our experience we would. Our clients value depth, speed and the security of success. They want real step change now, rather than perfection tomorrow.

Can we afford this?

Answer: Lexion assignments invariably self-finance and achieve at least 2:1 on our costs. However, looking at the bigger picture, the coaching and tools we install will enable your management team to continue to grow beyond our period of involvement, resulting in faster delivery of strategically important performance goals. This is an example of adding value to your intellectual capital.  Flexibility is an important part of Lexion's approach. We can design programmes of change that meet the demands of both your business and your pocket. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship that is built on delivering value for money.

What secures your success when you say that if we DIY, we have a higher risk of failure?

Answer: Most organisations have limited experience of managing large, high impact programmes of performance improvement, whereas this is our core business. Our experience base involves literally hundreds of change scenarios in diverse cultures and industries. If it was easy you would have done it! But we do bring four key value additions:

  • Self financing projects - the corner stone of our approach
  • Best practice - we draw from a wide spectrum of potential solutions and experience
  • Focus - we are dedicated to your success and an ongoing relationship
  • Implementation smarts - we know what works and how to get it done more quickly and safely

The result is accelerated change with reduced risk.

What happens when you finish? Is their any continuity?

Answer: Continuity and maintaining momentum is an integral part of our approach. It starts at the project design stage. The project team will comprise of a combination of your people and ours. Apart from being a more economic approach for you, it ensures that the necessary knowledge transfer takes place. As part of the team your people will be trained, assigned and managed as our people are. All our programmes involve a joint process that identifies and designs a phased approach with milestones at the end of each phase. Continuity is based upon your needs and requirements: our continuity can be a limited series of project compliance audits or further project phases.

This kind of decision involves risk. What happens if you guys don't deliver?

Answer: One of the messages we are endeavoring to transmit here is that we DO deliver, and we will give you methodology that ensures that we practice what we preach. This consists of:

  • A detailed schedule – weekly activities, milestones and key events that need to take place
  • Weekly billing - our project design is an integrated solution covering activities, milestones, key events and resources, but our commercial relationship is week-to-week with one or two week’s notice to terminate the project. This limits your exposure but keeps us on our toes!
  • Benefits evaluation - during the initial Opportunity Review we define percent improvement for each work/benefit stream and convert this into money and Key  Performance Indices (KPI's) as a part of the business case.
  • Payback - Lexion will maintain a presence until a minimum annualised return of a 1:1 on costs is achieved