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Lexion Consulting - Strategy into Action

"We would never have been able to achieve our budget in this financial year without the acceleration, leadership and pace that Lexion have provided.  An excellent transfer of both skills and knowledge." 

Customer Services Director of a major public utility

Strategy into Action

Strategy into ActionOrganisations are dynamic like the markets they serve. They reach milestones and cross roads that are critical to survival and growth. They can buy, be bought or merge. They can find themselves in an austerity situation usually because of market or environmental situations out of their control such as the effects of 9/11 on the airline industry. They can be so dominant and have a legacy of superiority leading to complacency and arrogance. The more enlightened know that there are only two states - going forwards or backwards and they never stop seeking new opportunities missed, hidden, or enabled by new technology.

Our process is designed to manage these challenges. There is a "critical path" to effective change management. This is built into all Lexion implementation route maps, whatever the technical content of the change. It is the cement that keeps the change process together, and ensures its impact, robustness, speed and depth. We grow and add to our own value by doing this successfully, with an experience base of literally hundreds of projects supported by a network of resources and skills that meet the challenges of each new assignment.

Lexion's Strategy into Action (SIA) programmes ensure that clients come up with comprehensive operational strategies that are linked to individual and detailed action programmes for the selected work streams. The content and scope is dependent on the circumstances. SIA programmes are preceded by an ‘Opportunity Review’, a short, intense, minimal cost diagnostic that will identify opportunities, design a program and draw up a business case. All of Lexion's toolbox can be deployed in SIA programmes. Lexion has helped many leading venture and private equity companies, pre and post-acquisition, through Operational Due Diligence and 100 Day Planning.