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Lexion Consulting - Surviving the Recession

"An excellent project, I wasn't aware of the scope of the potential in both monetary terms and management improvements." 

MD of City-based financial services company

Surviving the Recession

Surviving the Recession


An ancient Chinese curse says "May you live in interesting times". With the credit crunch and all that comes with it, times don't get much more interesting than now, especially for business leaders trying to manage and run a business.

Many organisations are unaffected by the current downturn but others will have screwed down the hatches and done what they can to weather the storm. The question that will constantly be asked however is "what else?" To gain a competitive advantage what else can be done in terms of cash flow, revenue, margin, working capital, cost reduction, quality and customer service?

Other businesses will be satisfied that they can prevail but are worried about being fit enough to cash in on the upturn when it inevitably comes.

Lexion Consulting specialises in performance enhancement and has helped many organisations rapidly address these kinds of challenges. We have vast experience of mining for latent unseen opportunity and then going on to realise it in partnership with our Clients.

The starting point is to talk to us.  If it makes sense, we will conduct a free "opportunity day" when we can quickly assess your actions so far and, based upon our experience, give a preliminary view of the potential for an additional cash, profit or cost reduction impact.

Whether you are an SME, PLC, LLP or multinational, Lexion can add significant value. Lexion will not get involved unless we can deliver at least a 2:1 on our costs, based on one years annualised benefits. Typically the returns are between 3:1 and 5:1.

See our Case Studies for recent examples of how we perform and deliver and please contact us if you have potential needs in the areas discussed.