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Lexion Consulting - Technology Transformation

"An excellent project, I wasn't aware of the scope of the potential in both monetary terms and management improvements." 

MD of City-based financial services company

Technology Transformation

Technology TransformationCompanies are leaping into the technology revolution, only to find out that the benefits anticipated can be elusive to capture, only delivering a shadow of their expectations. Many surveys have confirmed that technology providers are far from delighting their customers who are often seduced by the magic pill "buy this system and all your management problems are solved" That just isn't how it is, but with the correct approach and priorities, organisations can and have transformed themselves with appropriate technology and these are the case studies we hear and read about.

Lexion is dedicated and focused on our client's success. We have no particular allegiance to any hardware or software partners. We are focused on the end goal and see the technology simply as an enabler. Lexion manages the technology transformation, step by step, whilst securing the resultant benefits and managing the human change process at each phase. At its core our approach seeks to answer these question:

  • Strategically, what do we seek to achieve and do we need technology transformation now?
  • How will the organisation, people skills and behaviours need to adapt to achieve our goals?
  • What are the benefits and is there a business case?
  • What are the detailed step by step activities, milestones, key events and resources needed?

Lexion facilitates the specification and selection of your technology partners and ensures that we stick to agreed time and cost lines and put effort and time into the right things. Usually too much time is spent on the dazzling aspects of the technology and not enough on the skills, attitudinal and behavioural issues that will in the end deliver success. Programmes are designed with risk management in mind and each phase has defined deliverables and a dashboard to measure progress.